ISI 3500 TIC Print

The small, lightweight ISI 3500 thermal imaging camera is designed to incorporate the needs and concerns of the everyday firefighter. The ISI 3500 is operational within three seconds, provides the first truly diagnostic charging system, offers a unique Remote LCD search option, has a four hour rechargeable battery, and three-color temperature colorization.

The ISI 3500 utilizes the latest technology advancements in thermal imaging sensors from L-3 Infrared Products. The new sensor provides greater thermal sensitivity, a higher detector saturation point, a wider operating temperature range, an improved image update rate, and temperature colorization. The sensor with automatic contrast control, highly integrated DSP-based signal processing electronics, and enhanced image processing, uses an Electronic Integration (EI) Mode to optimize image quality in high thermal energy scenes.

With its one button operation, lightweight binocular style design, and slide-on external battery, the ISI 3500 is user friendly and simple to operate. The ISI 500 comes standard with the first truly diagnostic charging system. Both the external and internal charging systems inform the user if the charger is operational, the battery can be charged, and if the battery has been depleted to the point that it will take longer than the nominal two hour charging time to bring the battery to full capacity. And the four hour rechargeable battery eliminates the need to change batteries while at the fire scene. The ISI 3500 also comes standard with a choice of a neckstrap, short lanyard, or a retractable lanyard. Choose between ACCUTEMP direct digital temperature readout, temperature scale or temperature colorization, or have all three as part of the standard package. All ISI 3500 thermal imagers come with two NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Taking into consideration the extremely harsh environment, the ISI 3500 is designed to withstand a 10 foot drop and remain operational without any cosmetic damage. Along with being IP67 waterproof (with or without a battery in place), the ISI 3500 is vibration and RFI tested to assure peak performance. Flame retardant straps, bumpers, outer shells, and battery housings pass flame testing similar to that required by SCBA.

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