Detcon Model 880A/S Multichannel Alarm & Control System PDF Print E-mail
For Mid to High Density Applications

• PLC based Modbus™ master control system
• 2 addressable slave ports
• Distributed I/O options
• Simple menu driven programming
• 8 inch color touch screen
• Front panel LED status indicators
• USB drive alarm event logging
• NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X packaging


Two Communication Options + Remote

• Analog - up to 72 gas detection sensors & field devices
• Serial - up to 32 gas detection sensors & field devices

Detcon Model 880A/S is a PLC based control system designed to monitor and control multiple gas detection sensors and other field devices. The main unit is programmed as a Modbus master with two options available; Model 880A-N4X for analog input field devices and Model 880S-N4X for addressable field devices. The system is completely configurable without the need for engineering or PLC programmer support. Selection of the number of active channels, gas type, range of measurement, and alarm relay logic are all simple menu driven tasks accomplished by navigating through and using a series of configuration screens featuring touch screen simplicity. 

The Analog version (880A-N4X) has a system capacity of up to 72 field devices using distributed I/O nodes consisting of Detcon Model DA-4 for 4-20 mA DC inputs, Detcon Model DI-4 for digital inputs and Detcon Model RL-4 for alarm relay outputs. Power and din rail access are provided locally for up to eight I/O modules for both 880A-N1R and 880S-N1R. The Serial version (880S-N4X) is specifically designed for installations with up to 32 RS-485 addressable devices. The system features an 8-inch color touch screen that includes system configuration, utilities, and alarm history. The main screen displays the current reading and alarm status of up to 8 field devices at a time. Touch tabs at the top of the screen are used to navigate to additional screens of up to 8 field devices (9 tabs for Analog, 4 tabs for Serial). A tab will change to red shading if a device on its screen creates an alarm condition. Each sensor and/or field device can be selected from its main screen for viewing of its current status, configuration parameters and a graph of recent gas concentration levels. 

Detcon Model 880 systems feature a USB port that is used for data logging and recording alarm history. Bulk memory thumb drives can be installed for high density installations.

Detcon Model 880R-N4X is a remote display designed to operate in conjunction with Detcon Model 880 PLC-based control systems. The 880R-N4X features a touch-screen operator interface and mimics the display functions of the main Model 880 system controller. It can be installed up to 1000 feet away. Digital data repeaters can be added to extend this distance.

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