30, 45, and 60 Minute SCBA
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  • Advanced technology to improve performance
  • Voice activated amplification system
  • NIOSH approved
  • Heads-up display


  • Patented AirSwitch facemask offers the highest level of air management
  • Integrated regulator allows for excellent field of vision
  • Automatic change from ambient air to cylinder air by closing the AirSwitch
  • Visor available in single curve, with visor covers that can be attached, or distortion free double curve version
  • HUD (Heads-up display) mounted to nosecup for easy viewing
  • Small, medium and large size facemask available

RDV (Removable Demand Valve)(not shown)

  • User can undock the 2nd stage regulator
  • Low profile designed regulator to allow for superior visability

Whistle & Gauge

  • Whistle for immediate notification to the user and surrounding personnel 1/4 cylinder pressure
  • Shoulder gauge allows for a quick visual of remaining cylinder air
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The Avon-ISI Viking Z Seven SCBA is designed specifically for fire service use, with its flame-resistant straps, PASS(Personal Alert Safety System), and all other NFPA required features, including heads-up display and complete CBRN protection. The Avon-ISI Viking Z Seven also includes intergrated communications, with voice amplification as a standard feature, and the patented AirSwitch technology incorporated into the facemask.

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