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You can keep testing your multi gas detectorsone at a time, or you can test them all in no time, when you use ultra-reliable Multi Gas Clip (MGC) portable gas detectors, from Gas Clip Technologies, together with the MGC Dock or MGC Wall Mount Dock.

You name it, and the MGC Docks can do it. They accurately test, record and store information that is critical to maintain safety in your company. They provide individual monitor event logs, firmware, unit configurations and,of course, bump/calibration logs.The robust 4+ GB USB gives you all the memory you need and the lithium ion battery ensures thousands of tests before needing to be recharged.

Our MGC Docks let you bump test and calibrate 4 detectors at once for LEL, H2S, CO and O2. With one dock, you can bump test up to 12 detectors in a minute,which saves valuable time and reduces the use of testing gas. The MGC Dock, or MGC Wall Mount Dock, is compatible with all Multi Gas Clip detectors (Infrared or Pellistor)

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