Multi Gas Detection
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You can keep testing your multi gas detectorsone at a time, or you can test them all in no time, when you use ultra-reliable Multi Gas Clip (MGC) portable gas detectors, from Gas Clip Technologies, together with the MGC Dock or MGC Wall Mount Dock.

You name it, and the MGC Docks can do it. They accurately test, record and store information that is critical to maintain safety in your company. They provide individual monitor event logs, firmware, unit configurations and,of course, bump/calibration logs.The robust 4+ GB USB gives you all the memory you need and the lithium ion battery ensures thousands of tests before needing to be recharged.

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No matter the industry, workplaces are becoming more complex. Demands for increased productivity and effi ciency persist to become the focal point of operations. In order to meet such high demands, employees working in potentially hazardous environments require a highquality, reliable gas detector that above all else, keeps them safe.

The highly confi gurable Ventis is specifi cally designed to meet unique gas detection needs while maintaining worker safety. Available with or without an optional, integral pump, the Ventis is ideal for confi ned space or personal monitoring. In addition to multiple sensor and battery confi gurations, you can choose from a robust suite of accessories. Each of these options for confi guration ensures that when you receive your monitor, you receive only what you need. Best of all, the Ventis is compatible with iNet, enabling increased effi ciency, safety and reduced costs.

Increased efficiency

Focus on what is core to your business while we handle your gas detection program. As the Gas Detection People, gas detection is not only what we do - it's what we love to do.

Increased safety

On average, gas detectors go into high alarm once every ten days. Do you know how many high alarms your facility had? iNet gives you information and tools to fix problems before they happen.

Reduced costs

A gas detector's purchase price does not include continuous maintenance and servicing expenses. Eliminate unnecessary ownership and maintenance costs by subscribing to Gas Detection as a Service.

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