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At Pandu Selamat Utama we are also fully aware that our training program is really pervasive in its influence and must be felt across the entire operation of the company. That is why we have made a significant investment in our own Safety Training Center and its complete range of facilities.

To ensure all of our service engineers receive high quality training so that they can provide you with truly dependable service, we regularly review our course objectives, outlines and materials. The primary subject in our “in-house” training program is “What Every H2S Safety Supervisor Should Know”, and it covers everything from basic safety rules and operations to equipment maintenance.

However we also realize that a potentially deadly incident on a drilling location may demand more than just the basic skills of our engineers. Therefore, we also conduct other specific training courses to build the abilities that may be required in an emergency situation, including emergency medical treatment, fire-fighting, and defensive driving.

Our engineers are fully capable of rendering paramedic and other emergency services that require a high degree of practical skills. To ensure that our engineers are also thoroughly familiar with their work on the location, our training center is equipped with a complete, scaled site model that represents the real setting of a drilling location, a mannequin for practicing CPR, a rescue dummy for simulation, videotapes and real H2S safety equipment as used on the job site. Additionally, we have developed or own H2S Safety Training Manual for use by our engineers.

Furthermore to familiarize our employees with individual safety equipment and products, certified factory trainers are brought in to train our personnel. In addition, knowledgeable and experienced personnel from within our company may also be involved in the training programs as instructors.

As part of the services offered to our client, the training center is available for use by new customers as well as established customers with new employees, or as a facility to conduct refresher training for the courses already provided by Pandu

As part of the training provided to our new employees, each trainee will work on a location under close supervision of a senior supervisor. The on-the-job training is intended to give the trainee the opportunity to acquire the necessary experience and confidence needed before he is given any supervisory assignment.

The main goal of our continuous training programs is to create a pool of professional safety engineers who can perform their task independently and assist you effectively in case of H2S release or other type of life-threatening incidents that may occur on your work site.

In the future we will add more skills to raise the qualifications of our service engineers, as “continuous improvement” is indeed an essential part of our company mission.